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April 25, 2023

Lillian’s Corner — I’ve been watching and listening intently to the work of the Bargaining Team

By Lillian
Your Velvet Hippo

Happy Spring from your Velvet Hippo, Lillian!

I hope you’re all enjoying the lovely warm weather as much as I am. I’ve been admiring the flowers as they begin to wake up and sprout from their winter slumber. Watching the colors return, listening to the peepers and seeing nature come to life in full force reminds me of Executive Branch Bargaining. I’ve been watching and listening intently to the work of the Bargaining Team and I have also noticed that the State has been rather inconspicuous, unlike spring! Now I’m no professional negotiator but it seems to me that in order to bargain a contract both sides need to show up!

I’ve attended nearly every meeting of the Bargaining Team; they’ve developed numerous proposals that will close the pay gap, help with the recruitment and retention of workers, and make the Executive Branch work a much better and stronger resource in supporting the needs of all of our communities. I say the more the merrier, let all workers see how the process works, let them hear all of the arguments, transparency is so important! Support your Bargaining Team and encourage the State to come to the table and get this important process in motion.

Until next time, sending slobbery kisses. Your pal, Lillian.

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