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The 131st Maine Legislature’s passage of the pay-gap bill, LD 1854, has the potential to bring much-needed accountability to the State’s compensation and classification process for workers in the Executive Branch of Maine State Government. It’s essential that we hold both the Legislature and management accountable for implementation. There’s more work to be done at the bargaining table to close the pay gap. Our Executive Branch Negotiations Team is at the bargaining table negotiating successor contracts to the ones that expired June 30. Our Negotiations Team is determined to secure the pay raises needed right now to help close the pay gap. We must keep the pressure on management for contractual pay raises. It’s past time that state workers are paid comparably to our public and private sector counterparts in Maine and throughout New England. The consequences of the State’s low pay for state workers have been profound. With nearly one in six positions in state government vacant due to the pay gap, workloads have become impossible and many state workers are really struggling to make ends meet.

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MSEA-SEIU PASER (Political Action by Service Employees and Retirees) is our union’s political action fund. Through PASER, we can fight harder and smarter for the quality of life issues that affect our members. PASER helps us fight back against budget cuts to public services and threats to our contractual rights with member activities, electoral campaign work and legislative advocacy, locally, statewide and nationwide.

A strong PASER enables us to allocate resources for specific political work in support of quality public services for everyone in Maine and respect for all Maine workers.

Membership in PASER enables us to send a stronger message to Maine’s elected leaders that MSEA-SEIU members take the political process seriously. Every day, elected officials make choices affecting our jobs. That means every election is an opportunity for us to elect leaders who understand the importance of quality public services for all Maine people and treat Maine workers with respect.

By making monthly, automatic contributions to our union’s political action program, Political Action by Service Employees and Retirees (PASER), we can all help hold our elected state and national leaders accountable. This strengthens our ability to negotiate and fund strong contracts, protect the healthcare of members who have it, secure healthcare for MSEA-SEIU members who lack it, and strengthen the retirement security of all of our members.

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